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Controller Platforms

Serving Rugged industrial emmbedded platform products

보드명 : 배선용 변압기 부하 및 가스 센서 모니터링 제품

OS     Linux

MCU    Freescale ARM926EJ-S core, with speeds of up to 400 MHz

H/W Spec    CPU:MCIMX257DVM4

Memory: DDR2 SDRAM 512Mb x 1개/ FLASH MEMORY 256M

Fast Ethernet Transceiver(IP101AH)/ RS232/ Timers & Support Products(TLC55CD)/ 


RS232 3Port/ Single Ethernet 10/100M PHY(ADM7001) 1Port

3 phase Voltage and Current Measurement (Cirrus Metering IC)/Rogowski coil input support

GAS sensor interface 

Options    POWER: IN(220Vac), OUT(+3.3V,+1.8V,+ 1.5V,+1.35V)

고객사    V 사

보드명 : IEC 61850 기반 배선용 변압기 가스 센서 모니터링 제품

OS    Linux

MCU    Freescale PowerQUICC II Pro Integrated Communications Processor

H/W Spec    CPU:MPC8309

Memory: 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM x 2개/ FLASH 128Mbit/ Timekeeping RAM(M41T11MH6TR)

RS485/ RS232/ Isolated USB to serial TYPE B/ PUSH PULL SD_CARD/

Option    "FCC" Single Ethernet(DP83620SQ) 1Port [TP(Twisted Pair Module)]

"FCC" Single Ethernet(DP83620SQ)-2Port [TP(Twisted Pair Module) or Fiber Optic Module]

POWER: IN(220Vac), OUT(+3.3V,+1.8V,+1.5V,+ 1.35V)

고객사    V 사

보드명 : 디지털 정보 표시(DID) 사용자 MMI 표시부

OS    Linux

MCU    Freescale PowerQUICC II Processor with PCI,USB,128-ch,HDLC,100/100 Ethernet


Memory: SDRAM:512Mbit x 2개/ FLASH 64MB/512kB EEPROM

RS232_RS485(MAX485ECSA) Serial 2 Port/ Console 1 Port

"FCC" Single Ethernet(DP83620SQ) 1Port [TP(Twisted Pair Module)]

Digital Input 24 Points, Digital output 8 Points (Latched or momentary type relay)

Analog Input(4-20mA current / 0-10Vdc/ 300VAC type) from 3 Points up to 6 points

Options    POWER: IN(24Vdc/48Vdc), OUT(+3.3V, +1.8V,+1.5V,+1.35V)

고객사    I사, V사, D사

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